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Selling high quality universal rubber car and automotive seals, trim and stainless steel nut & bolt kits

It’s no secret that VW camper van owners are more likely to treat their vehicle to shiny new parts than other motorists. Over the weekend the Monkeydub van, a beautiful 1964 double door split screen model camper, was fitted with a nice, shiny vintage speed muffler. Using quality A2 stainless steel fastenings from the Monkeydub car parts online store, the exhaust […]

Here at Monkeydub Auto Parts we pride ourselves on selling nothing but the best car door seals, trims and stainless steel for air-cooled VW’s. Unfortunately some door seals currently available on the market aren’t up to our standards – they can stress hinge joints until bed-in, once settled some don’t seal reliably and, like other rubber or foam products, they […]

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