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It’s no secret that VW camper van owners are more likely to treat their vehicle to shiny new parts than other motorists. Over the weekend the Monkeydub van, a beautiful 1964 double door split screen model camper, was fitted with a nice, shiny vintage speed muffler.

Using quality A2 stainless steel fastenings from the Monkeydub car parts online store, the exhaust muffler was fitted in no time and we were really pleased with how it came out looking and sounding. The exhaust muffler’s mirror polish shine is complemented nicely by the chrome of the stainless steel.


There’s nothing more satisfying than the thrill of replacing a car part yourself and here at Monkeydub we’re here to help VW enthusiasts pursue that feeling – our VW camper restoration kits, seals and stainless steel is second to none in terms of quality, endurance and value for money so treat your van to some new parts today and buy once, buy right, buy from Monkeydub!

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