Monkeydub Car Parts

Selling high quality universal rubber car and automotive seals, trim and stainless steel nut & bolt kits

VW Beetle – Bonnet Kit

All the necessary bolts, screws and washers needed to fix the bonnet and it’s hinges to your Volkswagen Beetle. Perfect for replacing old, rusted parts or for finishing off a restoration job.

£3.79 BUY NOW

VW Beetle – Running Board Kit

Contains enough nuts, bolts & washers to bolt both running boards to your air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle. All stainless in this kit is made from high quality A2 stainless steel – perfect for any VW Beetle restoration.

£4.59 BUY NOW

VW Beetle – Standard Wing Kit

This 80 piece kit contains enough hexagon-headed bolts and washers to fit all four wings/fenders to your Beetle. An ideal purchase for anyone looking to restore or replace old parts in their air cooled VW Beetle.

£14.49 BUY NOW