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VW T25 - Front Indicators

These four A2 stainless steel screws are all you need to fix the front indicator to your T25 VW camper van.
Price: £1.95
by Monkeydub

VW T25 - Tail Lense

This 8 piece kit contains everything you need to affix the tail lens to your T25 VW camper. Made from A2 stainless steel and polished to a mirror shine, these screws are made to last.
Price: £3.45
by Monkeydub

VW T25 - Front Door Hinge

This kit contains all the right bolts and washers for fastening the front door hinge to your Volkswagen T25. Made from quality A2 polished stainless steel, these parts are guaranteed to last.
Price: £3.45
by Monkeydub