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Contains enough quality stainless steel screws, bolts and washers needed to mount the underfloor pedal pan onto any air-cooled split screen camper van – perfect for finishing up your Split Screen van resto project or for replacing any old, worn […]

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VW Split Screen – Tail Lense

All the stainless steel screws you will need to affix the tail lense to your VW Split Screen camper are contained in this kit.

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Every stainless steel nut, bolt and washer you need to replace the fastenings on your split screen model VW camper van can be found in this kit. Perfect for replacing old parts or for finishing a restoration job.

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These four screws are all that’s needed to fix the number plate light to your split screen campervan. Made from top-notch A2 stainless steel and polished to a mirror shine, these quality parts are just what your van deserves.

£1.95 BUY NOW

These quality stainless screws are all that’s required to mount the interior mirror in your split screen camper van.

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VW Split Screen – Sun Visors

Contains 6 quality A2 stainless steel screws for fixing the sun visors into your split screen model camper van.

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Inside this kit you will receive all the A2 stainless steel bolts and screws you will need to replace the fastenings on the engine deck lid locks of your splitscreen camper van.

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This 8 piece stainless steel screw set contains everything you will need for affixing the cargo door hinge to your VW camper van (Split Screen model).

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With this kit you will receive all the right stainless steel washers and ‘fine pitch’ nuts for fastening the exterior mirror to your Splitscreen Volkswagen camper.

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Everything you need for restoring or replacing the fastenings in the dash grab handle of your splitscreen camper van is contained in this kit. Made from strong, polished A2 stainless steel, these parts are built to last.

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