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Split Resto Kit

You are looking at a complete restoration kit of high quality A2 stainless steel fixings for a Late Bay (post 1973) campervan.

Replace those rusting, chewed up bolts with our brand new set.

Just finishing your resto or fancy treating your car to a mid-life spruce up, these bolts are just the ticket.

The bolts not only give your pride and joy a luxury feel but will stand the test of time. We have thoroughly tested the bolts to ensure that you receive the best quality product at the best price. We even rejected perfectly good bolts over too much branding or over-sized lettering, cars really are our passion!

You receive everything you need and a little extra, our complete kit does not scrimp and save! Included in the kit is STAINLESS screws, nuts, bolts, washers, fastenings for the following components:


Cab Door Hinge Screws
Cab Door Locks & Catches
Cab Door ‘Pull’ Handles
Window Winding Mechanisms
Bumper Iron Mounting Bolts
Late Bumper Bolts
Engine deck Lid Hinge Screws
Engine deck Lid Lock & Catch Screws
Engine Bay Firewall Screws

Rear Hatch Hinge Screws
Rear Hatch Hinge Cover Screws
Rear Hatch Lock & Catch Screws
Rear Hatch ‘Shut’ Guide Screws

Sliding Side Door Set of Kits
Upper Roller Guide
Lower Roller Guide
Exterior Handle/Lock Catch Plate
Spacer Plate
Rubber Buffer
Central Lock
Central Hinge/Slider
Central Hinge Striker Plate
Runner Cover
Headlamp Screws
Front Indicator Screws
Tail Light Screws
Number Plate Light

Fuel Filler Neck & Fuel Door Screws
Front Grill Screws

Interior Door Post Switch Screws
Gearstick Bolts
Dashboard Corner Screws
Instrument Cluster Screws
Sun Visor Screws
Dash Grab Handle
Dash Top & Dash Vent
Pedal Pan Cover

All packaged up in individually labeled bags for ease of use.

Enough for a complete resto on a VW Early Bay Camper. Please check other suppliers and to see for yourself that we are providing the most comprehensive and best value for your money. If we don’t list what you need please contact us as we stock all bolts, screws and nuts for vehicle.

Price: £84.95
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