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Here at Monkeydub car parts we don’t like settling for second best or ‘ok’. So with this in mind we’ve developed our new range of VW split screen seals. We were never happy with the aftermarket door seal replacements currently on the market as they stress hinge joints until bed-in, then once settled – don’t seal reliably and like other rubber or foam products deteriorate over a few years.

Our new type2 door seals are made of extremely high quality silicone with an air bubble running throughout which allow easy door closure and a great seal. They also have embedded gripper strips to keep the seal in place securely and prevent moisture getting behind the seal. Being silicone the seals will never perish, withstand extreme temperatures and are very flexible. These really are Rolls Royce of door seals for your van!

Available in black or grey – we will also be offering custom colours – send us in a sample and we can match the colour for that perfect custom look.

You receive enough seal for the engine lid door on an split screen camper.

Designed and made in Sussex, England.

Price: from £29.95
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